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Date: 20/03/2022 – 26/03/2022
Hosting school: Liceo Scientifico Sandro Pertini (Italy)
Sending schools: Stiftsgymnasium St. Paul (Austria) & IES Joaquin Turina (Spain)

The second cross student exchange was hosted by Liceo Scientifico Sandro Pertini in Ladispoli (Italy) and took place from 20th to 26th of March 2022.

20th March
On Sunday, both Spanish and Austrian students arrived in Italy. The Spanish students came by plane and landed at the airport in the afternoon, whereas Austrians travelled by train and they were in Rome by dinnertime. We had prepared welcoming papers and the travel was safe and pleasant for everybody. We came home and spent the evening together: knowing each other better and having some fun, going out or resting at home.

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21st March
On Monday  morning our official activities started:we tried to get to know each other by doing ice breaking activities. First of all Italian teachers welcomed all pupils, who were called to present themselves and we all played games. In addition, the Italian team gave all the students a little workbook, a pen and a custom button to each one to enable pupils to take notes during lessons but also to write about the experience in a sort of diary.

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The icebreaking activities went on with sport competitions: we played volleyball, football and ping pong, both indoor in the school Gymnasium and outdoor, in the school football pitch. Although we were involved in a competition, organized in international teams, we maintained fairplay and we had  great fun all together. After the sport activities we had a break during which we ate something together  and we talked about our own interests and planned our afternoon together.

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After taking a long walk along the Ladispoli seafront to San Nicola, everybody got back home, to get ready for the welcome dinner in a typical Italian restaurant. There we ate some starters and two different types of pizza: margherita and one with mushrooms. We took the opportunity to know more about us but we came back home early because the next day we had to wake up early. Rome was waiting for us!

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22nd March
It’s Tuesday! We met at school to have a classroom immersion from 8:30 to 9:30, when we started to create the website for our project.

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Then we caught a train which brought us to Termini station. We started to visit the  eternal city, Rome. We had a walk through Via Nazionale; we reached Trajan column, before going to the Vittoriano Mono, where we had lunch offered by our AMAZING school on its Terrace. After the break we took the elevator, and we reached the top of Vittoriano Terrace: we had a wonderful view of the whole city.

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Then we had   free time to spend in Via del Corso and we had the chance to rest because after that we continued our WONDERFUL visit going to Capitoline hill, Marcello's Theatre, Mouth of Truth, Colosseum, Constantine arch. We finished our tour of ROME which everyone enjoyed a lot, since we saw some of the best monuments in the world.  At 19:30 we came back to Ladispoliby train ; two hours later all the group hang out  together going to a  bar in the city centre. The whole day was recorded in an episode of the school's podcast. Res Novae podcast!

23rd March
Today, in the morning, after working on the website, we took part in a specialistic lesson about the school robot: "MARRtino". Our school's robotic team explained us how the robot worked and showed us its skills, through a presentation.

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After the presentation we went to Cerveteri to see the well known "Banditaccia"; an archeological site, namely an Etruscan Necropolis, where you can admire a lot of beautiful ancient etruscan tombs. We learned about the Etruscan history and tradition. For example as you can see in some pictures the tombs were designed as houses, with beds, couches, and doors. The reason behind this is that they believed in the afterlife, in fact, near the body of the dead person, you might have found jewellery and wealth. Tombs were different from men's to women's, not only for the object that you could find, but also for the external shape.

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24th March
On Thursday morning we had a meeting at school where we had a lesson, with our teacher Salvatori, about the buse  the Digital Platform "Padlet" and we improved our technological skills. Then we went to the train station to go to Rome. In Rome we first visited Saint Peter's Basilica and then we had a walk through the square, after that we had a little break in front of Castel Sant'Angelo.

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Then we visited the centre of Rome, we went to Pantheon, Piazza Navona, via del Corso and the most important monuments. At the end of the long walk we had free time, during which we spent some time all together, we went shopping, we bought some souvenirs and we had an ice-cream in one of the most famous “gelateria” of Rome. In the evening we came back to Ladispoli and we went all together to a pub to watch a football match: Italy vs Macedonia.

25th March
On Friday morning got at  school at 8:30 and immediately we started to work on the Erasmus+ website: we uploaded the photos that all of us had taken during the week while adding a little description of the places that we had seen.

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Later that day we had our dissemination event. The Mayor of Ladispoli and other important representatives of the City and Regional Council came to our school ; all of them spoke to us about the importance of Erasmus  projects and experiences, to truly become European citizens, opening our minds to other cultures, discovering the value of education and friendship.  All of the students that took part in the project received a certificate of attendance in the presence of all authorities, the headmistress and the teachers. During this event, the final products of the project were shown to all participants; the website, the podcast with interviews made by our students to all participants. We also had musical performances, by students of our school accompanied by our teacher, Giovanni Piazza, introduced by two excpetional speakers ( Francesco and Christian), and even an illusionist showing and involving the audience in astonishing tricks!

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After that,we all  went to “Trapizzino”, to eat a typical Italian sandwich for lunch to celebrate the end of the Erasmus+ week in Italy. Moreover we went to San Nicola beach to play some games and take a walk along the promenade. In the evening everyone had dinner with their hosting families and then we went to the bar  “FourX” to celebrate the ending of the Erasmus+ week in our own way!

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26th March
The Austrian team woke up early because their  train left early in the morning. The final greeting was a very emotional moment and everybody talked about how they had  lived and felt the Italian experience.

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The Spanish team had more time to spend with us: that’s why we hanged out together and visited our city for the last time. We ate together and had a walk along the seaside. We had to be at the airport by 2:30 P.M. and it was there that we said our last sad goodbye, looking forward to seeing each other again in Spain.

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