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Topic: “Use digital technologies in a critical, collaborative and creative way in our digital society”
Hosting school: Liceo Scientifico Statale Sandro Pertini (Italy)
Date: 18/07/2022 – 24/07/2022

The third and final Joint-Staff Training Event between teachers of each school was hosted by Liceo Scientifico Statale Sandro Pertini in Ladispoli (Italy) and took place from 18th to 24th of July 2022.

Monday 18th July

Arrival of participants: All the teams arrived according to scheduled times at Fiumicino airport, while the Spanish Team arrived at Ciampino Airport. We had our  first informal meeting in Ladispoli, with a typical Italian apericena! We could get together, greet each other while waiting for the Austrian team, who were the last to arrive at Fiumicino airport.

 18 July 1 18 July 2

Tuesday 19th July

8:30 Everything was ready to welcome the teams!
At 9 o'clock our guests and new friends entered our school, to start this new adventure together.

19 July

We all met at school, where our guests  received a warm welcome from the whole Erasmus staff. A short overview of the activities of the week followed and soon after, the teachers started to work on the final project check.

19 July 1  19 July 2

After the coffee break we showed the premises of our school and then we took a stroll in Ladispoli. In the evening we had the welcome dinner where all teachers could eat different dishes of Italian food.

 19 July 4  19 July 5


19 July 3

Wednesday 20th July

The working session took place in the hotel. We advanced in the drafts of the different documents we have to complete.

 20 July  20 July 1

At 11.00 we took the train to Rome where we had a guided tour focused on the old Roman remanins (Ludus Magnus, Colosseum, Circus Maximus, Bocca della Verità, Foro Boario, Teatro Marcello, Portico di Ottavia and the Jewish Ghetto). The temperature was really hot, but that did not prevent us from enjoying the tour.  

20 July 2 20 July 3

Our guide, Daniele Pantano, a classical archaelogist provided us with very relevant information that you cannot easily find in ordinary tours.

Thursday 21st July

Sport activity in Ladispoli beach early in the morning.  The coach Andrea Rossi, taught us the basics of beach volley.  Great fun and a great idea to foster team building.

After the coffee break, we returned to the hotel and we defined most of the outputs regarding our project.

21 July 21 July 1

In the afternoon, we went to Rome again in order to visit Roman remarkable landmarks, including the Vittorian terrace with its impressive view.  Finally, dinner at a Trattoria in Trastevere.

 21 July 2

Friday, 22nd July

Teachers arrived early at school and we attended a workshop and a conference carried out by a young entrepeneur (Paolo dello Vicario) about what skills will be needed to manage AI. This expert has created a start up and his knowledge was very valuable. The follow up discussions were most interesting.   

22 July

After the coffee break, we proceeded with last details of all the documents.

Finally, we held the ceremony of handing out of certificates as well as the exchange of gifts to each other.

22 July 1  22 July 2

Saturday, 23rd July

Evaluation meeting in the morning.  We shared our ideas to improve different projects in case we have the chance to work together in next Erasmus experiences.

 23 July

Last but not least, a farewell dinner in a local restaurant by the beach, which reinforced the good relationship and sense of friendship that we have felt during the whole week.

23 July 1 23 July 2

Sunday, 24yh July

Departure of participants, some from Ciampino and others from Fiumicino. We said goodbye to each other with the feeling that we had had a very enriching experience and that we had learned a lot from one another.

The Invitation

The Agenda

The Evaluation


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