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croatialogo 28-30 Gregori Afxentiou Avenue
CYP-6021 Larnaca
Contact person: Prof. Eleni Pouliasi- Papagianni
Tel: +35 724 65 30 05
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Pagkyprio Lykeio is the oldest school in the town of Larnaca, the third largest city of Cyprus. Larnaca is a coastal city of about 51,500 inhabitants only ten minutes away from the national airport.Our school is a public upper secondary school with 326 students aged 15-18 and 58 teachers. It is a general education school that offers the following fields of study: Classical Studies, Foreign languages, Sciences, Economics, Commersial Services and Arts.

The school offers the Apolytirio- secondary education certificate. Every year our students achieve noticeable results in the national exams which allow them to be admitted to public Cyprus and Greek Universities. Apart from Greek, our students speak fluent English and they are also taught French, Spanish and Russian.

Our school has a special unit for students with special needs that integrates perfectly with the rest of the students. It also runs various support programs for students with academic difficulties and Greek language programs for foreign students. A significant number of our students are migrants and refugees from war zones.

We have many of single-parent families who face serious financial problems due to unemployment and some of our students work after school. A number of fund raising events are organized every year in order to support such students. Our students have active participation in various contests and competitions on a national level. Moreover, every year they organize a conference that involves presentation of a subject they choose, followed by a debate.

In the past years, we have participated in several Erasmus+ projects. Our cooperation with partner countries proved to be very successful and rewarding for the whole school community.

Our school’s motivation for this joining this project is our strong belief that digital skills are necessary skills that all our students should master, not only to facilitate their future academic career but also as a tool to enhance future employment.

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