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Topic: DigComp: necessary competences to be digitally competent
Date: 17/11/2019 – 23/11/2019
Hosting school: Pagkyprio Lykeio, Larnaca (Cyprus)

Τhe First Short -Term joint staff training event of the project 2019-1-AT01-KA229-051193 “Sharing Key Ideas Learning for Life in Educational Digitization” has taken place at Pagkyprio Lykeio in Larnaca (Cyprus), between 17th and 23rd of November 2019.

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17th Nov 2019 – Sunday
That was the arrival day of the participants at Larnaca. The hosting school arranged for taxis to pick up all the partners from the airport and take them to their hotels. In the evening colleagues from the hosting school (including the School Principal) met with the participants at their hotel and after a short walk in town, they all had a traditional souvlaki at a local tavern.

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18th Nov 2019 – Monday
The first day of the working sessions started with all the participants being welcomed by the school administration and teachers of the hosting school and everybody introduced themselves. Following that, the participants had the opportunity to attend a school event, delivered by the students, to commemorate The Athens Polytechnic Uprising which started as a massive student demonstration of popular rejection of the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 and ended in bloodshed in the early morning of November 17th 1973.

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Next on the schedule was a kick-off conference with an expert.  Participants had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Anastasia Economou, the Head of Educational Technology Department of the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. Mrs. Economou delivered a seminar with the title Teachers’ professional development on their Digital Competence through a reflective learning cycle (MENTEP Mentoring Technology Enhanced Pedagogy).

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After the end of first day’s session all participants were offered a welcome lunch at a local restaurant by the hosting school followed by a cultural walk in the town.

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19th Nov 2019 – Tuesday
The participants started the day off by having a Project meeting where they discussed timelines, communication, budget, products, dissemination, quality checks and other relevant matters. Upon completion of the meeting participants travelled to Nicosia where they visited the Digitally Supported Learning Environment at the Cyprus Pedagogical Institute. The participants went through hands-on activities using emerging technologies, guided by the Educational Technology Department staff.

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After that the team had lunch at the Higher Hotel Institute of Cyprus. The food and the service were all done by the students of the Higher Hotel Institute. After lunch the participants went for sightseeing in Nicosia where they have been guided by a professional guide to the most important sights of the only divided capital city in Europe.

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20th Nov 2019 –Wednesday
This day was fully devoted to a cultural trip to Paphos. The team visited the archaeological site of Choirokoitia, the ancient Theater of Kourion, the birthplace of Aphrodite (Petra tou Romiou) and the famous Paphos mosaics. While in Paphos the team had lunch at a traditional restaurant and in the afternoon the participants had some free time to walk by the Paphos old harbour before returning to Larnaca. A professional guide accompanied the team during the whole trip giving the participants valuable and detailed information of all the sites visited.

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21st Nov 2019 – Thursday
Thursday morning was used by the project coordinator to go over the project’s main parts and emphasize on the matters that needed most attention. Roles were assigned, budgets were discussed in more detail, communication, dates of exchanges and other relevant issues. After that the Erasmus team underwent a job shadowing activity by attending an Information Computer Technology Class. The afternoon was free for the participants.

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22nd Nov 2019 – Friday
Friday started off with a workshop delivered by Celia Hadjichristodoulou (PhD. Microsoft Innovation Center of European University) with the title “Ideation process: From hobbies and passions to innovative business ideas!” On completion of the workshop the participants had their last project meeting where the final details of the project were discussed.

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In the afternoon of this last working day a dissemination event was organised by the hosting school. Teachers, members of the Parents Teachers Association, a member of local press and the District Educational Inspector attended the event. During the dissemination, the coordinator made an evaluation of the week passed and presented the projects and its main points. At the end the certificates and agreements were signed and given to the participants. Gifts were also exchanged between the participating countries.

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In the evening a farewell dinner with live music was organized and offered to the participants by the hosting school.

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23rd Nov 2019Saturday
That was the departure day for the participants. Each participating country gave to a member of the hosting school the times that they wished to be picked up from their hotels and taken to the airport. The hosting school then arranged for a taxi to pick them up at the respective times.

The Agenda

The Evaluation


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