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Via Caltagirone, 1
IT-00055 Ladispoli
Contact person: Prof. Dello Vicario Francesca
Tel: +39 6 12 11 27 160
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our public school is a secondary school specializing in scientific and classical studies and modern languages. The age of pupils goes from 14 to 19, the size is of 800 pupils and 80 teachers. It is the most important cultural and training centre in town. The afternoon activities allow the young to experience various topics: theatre, seminars with experts, meetings with famous writers, sports, language courses, green projects, international projects, chorus, online students' magazine. Ladispoli has 40000 inhabitants, mainly commuters with Rome. We are located in an area characterized by multicultural immigration and in our school many pupils are of foreign origins. We have just applied for an Erasmus +KA1 on improving ICT skills for teachers and we have been implementing the ICT for four years learning how to incorporate it in our teaching. In fact we firmly believe in the need for developing ICT skills in all students as a fundamental requirement to a successful access to the labour market and to fight against unemployment. This need is deeply felt in our school and area due to the presence of many migrants, with groups that need a special care and support

All the key teachers involved have a previous experience in some Comenius and Erasmus + mobilities abroad with students and therefore are expert in dealing with foreign schools. They have also been trained in ICT and would like to improve and to share their knowledge with other European teachers, comparing different approaches and techniques. One of the key teachers is 

the ICT leader for the school who has a relevant experience in organizing digital meetings and training. This project will give the chance to both share her experience with other European teachers and learn new techniques. Her role will ensure a large dissemination of what learnt to the whole staff and to different stakeholders. She has also been the reference teacher for some previous European projects as well as for other international activities.

One of the key teachers is in charge of the educational guidance for our students. Therefore she is particularly involved in such a project, as a good and successful guidance can no longer ignore the acquisition of digital competences.

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