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BE-2500 Lier
Contact person: Prof. Eva Peeters
Tel: +32 476 23 78 28
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Sint-Gummarus High School stands for more than 130 years of tradition when it comes to education in Lier. Currently, it has 1170 pupils and 146 teachers, and it offers mainly theoretical study programmes in the curriculum. Our school prepares pupils for higher education with the aim of obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree. The different study programmes are divided in various disciplines and fields of study: Social Studies (Humanities), Language & Culture (Greek-Latin, Latin-Mathematics, Latin, Latin-Modern languages, Modern Languages-Mathematics), Science and Technology (Mathematics-Science, Science, STEM), and Economic Studies. In the latter field of study, the pupils can choose between theoretical study programmes (Economics-Mathematics and Economics-Modern Languages) on the one hand, and more practice-oriented programmes (Business Studies and Applied bookkeeping-Computer Sciences) on the other.

‘Care for learning and living’ was consciously chosen as the central idea behind our pedagogical project. After all, our school wants to serve as a preparation for later full life, in which, apart from knowledge and skills, facing and dealing with differences between people and in society is of crucial importance.

The pupils who will take part in the project are all enlisted in economic programmes. This conforms to a masterplan for economic studies that is to be developed shortly. The core concepts in this masterplan are team work, projects, ICT and multilingual communication, because these qualities are of primordial importance in further studies and on the job market. Furthermore, these core concepts neatly tie in with Erasmus+.

Our school offers a wide CLIL range. History, Biology, Mathematics, Art History, Chemistry and Economics are not only taught in Dutch, but in English or French as well. In doing so, we attempt to stimulate our pupils to improve their language skills for different domains of economic life. Experience teaches us that this enhances the pupils’ confidence and thereby, they will venture to take up the international challenge more easily.

The pupils aged 17 and 18 in the practice-oriented economical programs, found a real enterprise, the so-called young enterprises. In short, this project puts into practice all the various facets of entrepreneurship. In doing so, the pupils are tutored and evaluated by an external jury, consisting of people who themselves operate in business circles.

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