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Joaquin Turina Donante de Organos, 2
ES-41007 Sevilla
Contact person: Prof. Simón Pérez González
Tel: +34 955 62 37 75
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


“IES Joaquín Turina” is a high school located in Seville, capital city of Andalusia, in southern Spain. Our teaching staff consists of, approximately, 45 members, and we offer different educational levels to 450 students aged, generally, between 12 and 20 years old. Apart from secondary education and post-compulsory educational levels, specific courses with a vocational focus in the fields of Management and Finances, are provided.

Our school is placed in a middle-low class district, in the surrounding area of the city center, with a considerable rate of unemployment and an increasing amount of immigrants. We have taken an active role in several scientific and human rights projects and have worked as well in local projects concerning cultural prejudices and ethnic minorities. We have also organized some educational journeys in order to encourage an international dimension in Education among our students and social framework.

All our members – and also our students- have a strong motivation in taking part into this project concerning digitalization and ICT technologies. We can mention some assets, such as the introduction of ICT programs or the implementation of CLIL and “Flipped Classroom” teaching methodologies, in our courses. The school have also initiated the progressive digitalization in all their areas, we have started this year the communication between teachers, students and families through mobile applications. So that we are enthusiastic about sharing these abilities with our European partners in this common goal.

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